bike lifted overhead against a blue sky backgroundBlazing Saddles

Touring in 2018, our new show Blazing Saddles, is inspired historical & contemporary research into women & cycling & fashion.  Tour dates on the right of this page.  Read more


Strictly Cycling @ GDIF 2017 © Paul Kley
Strictly Cycling
Continuing to tour in 2018.  Tour dates to the right & more info HERE



Strictly Night Cycling
A night-time version of Strictly Cycling, also available for bookings in 2018.  Read more HERE


2017 was a fantastic year!
Strictly Cycling toured to 15 locations, including a fabulous 10 performer show in Trafalgar Sq. We ran an all ability workshop with performance in Bradford & performed to an estimated audience of over 16,000 people. & Blazing Saddles was redeveloped for touring, following a commission from Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

Bicycle Ballet in the London Velodrome © Raysto Images


Back in 2016
A special year, with the creation of a new show Blazing Saddles, commissioned by Southwark Council; & two special commissions:  FireSpring for Cyclopark & a short piece for the opening of the UCI road track cycling championships at the London Velodrome.

Back in 2015
Strictly Cycling continued to tour in 2015.  An improvisational, visual performance & ‘cycle-about’ choreography, inspired by flash mobs, surrealism, everyday cycling experiences and the great British weather!

Four performers stand in a line in the Tour de France stage finish line, Bristol. Three performers look away and one smiles to the camera with two thumbs up. Performers wear bright yellow helmets, goggles and cycling capes

What a year!
2014 was a truly fantastic year. Strictly Cycling received three amazing commissions, to create:
* Flash mob workshops for up to 20 people
* A pink version for the Gira d’Italia Big Start, Belfast
* Tandem workshops for visually impaired people & front riders
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Strictly Cycling was seen by an estimated 15,000 people at locations across the UK


‘Leaping the Barriers: a short guide to improving access for visually impaired people to outdoor events’ is now available.  Follow the links to download from Leaping the Barriers


Performer, wearing a yellow helmet, goggles & rain mac, stares into the camera2014 Strictly Cycling Tour,

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9 & 10 May – Gira d’Italia, Belfast
20 & 21 June – Edinburgh Cycling Festival
28 June – Yorkshire Sculpture Park
4 July – Leeds, Grand Depart
5 July – Fairlop Fair, London
5 July – Bradford, Grand Depart
6 July – Bristol Cycling Festival & Make Sunday Special
7 July – Woodford Wells, Redbridge, Tour de France
10 Sept – Tour of Britain, Bristol stage finish
20 Sept – Hockley Street Fayre, Nottingham
24 Sept – London University Freshers Fair, Barbican


Vanity peers through the frames of two tandems held on their back wheels, representing the lift doors

2013 Everyday Hero,
a narrative driven performance featuring an integrated company of visually impaired & sighted performers, working with tandems, was created and toured in 2013. Click HERE for further info.




2012 Bicycle Ballet Mass Show toured to five locations in 2012, working with local people to create performances.

golden sparkles high above heads, as two lines of three bikes pass each other

– 29th June, So Festival, Skegness

– 21st July, Edmonton Carnival, Enfield

– 5th August, Hadleigh, Essex

– 18th/19th August, Preston Guild Wheel Launch

– 29th September, ‘Stade Saturday’ Hastings


reCyculture, July – Sept 2012, a Kent wide installation project celebrating the Paralympic Road Cycling events hosted in Brands Hatch.

7 green painted bikes leap towards the sky from the top of a fence



Green Horses on the Wall, May – Sept 2012, Danebury Ave, London, SW15 4DQ. An installation and spoken word project, commissioned by Wandsworth Arts Festival. Follow the links for more info.


Newspaper clipping showing Bicycle Ballet next to a picture of 007 Daniel Craig

In the News, Summer 2012:

Preview of Hastings Bicycle Ballet in The Times, 28.9.12



Magazine cover


A six page feature in German cycling magazine, Pedaliero. Click link to see Bicycle Ballet only, pages in Pedaliero – Urban Cycling Oct 2012



Image from the Hastings Bicycle Ballet with article


‘Stade Bicycle Ballet will be a Tough Act to Follow’ The Argus 6.10.12



SW Londoner 2.7.12 – http://bit.ly/Oks38f

BBC World Service – July 12 – http://bbc.in/S5XGVM

And, we even inspired a song, composed by Graham Godfrey of Hadleigh Voices Choir: http://bit.ly/RuilSC


Article in London Cyclist, Xmas 2011


In the News, Winter 2011/12:

‘dance of cycling performer’, Kate Evans, is featured in the London Cyclist magazine.



the dance of cycling performs on the V'LILLE bikes

V’LILLE Launch, Lille’s Cycle Hire Scheme, September 2011

The new V’LILLE bikes were carefully worked into the narrative of ‘the dance of cycling’ and presented to large audiences in the city centre.



We’re In the News, Autumn 2011:Image from article

Evening Standard, Tall Tales Riding High, 9 Sept 2011

BBC Spotlight South West: 14 Sept 2011

This is Devon, 15 Sept 2011. click dates for more info


Bike Art Book: out now

Bicycle Ballet features in a new book about art and bikes by Greek arts collective Carpe Diem. The book presents bicycles in art around the world in the form of murals, design, illustration, tattoos, custom bikes, as well as us on page 242, http://bit.ly/tFQzqs.

Two pages of a book laid out with images of Bicycle Ballet shows and short text

New Productions for 2011:

Where are the girls when the boys are learning to bunny hop? A dynamic, new outdoor show fusing dance, circus and physical theatre – on bicycles. 2011 dates on the right.

Performance Parking Large scale visual installation inspired by the lengths you sometimes have to take to securely park your bike!

Redeveloped for 2011:

the dance of cycling has undergone a period of further development to build its dynamism, spectacle and comic moments.