Car Free Day, Madeira Drive, Brighton

Dancers swing away from their bikes, arms outstretchedgold sparkles shoot 5m into the air from the back of six bikes22nd September 2006

Large scale, 30 minute performance with 70 volunteer performers, commissioning by Brighton & Hove Arts Commission.  Funded by Arts Council England South East, Brighton & Hove City Council Cycling Demonstration City and supported by Tru Thoughts.

The Core: Sarah Alexander, Alex Beech, Janine Fletcher, Augusto Correiri, Vicki McManus, Anna Weatherston

The Chorus Line: Rachel Bennington, Emma Capon, Jessica Cubitt, Georgi Gilpin, Max Glaskin, Tim Holmes, Emma Marcello, Colette Meacher, Gary Melis, Ruth Morris, Annemarie O’Sullivan, Nick Sayers, Ulrike Schilling, Carmen Slijpen, Helen Thoms, Melita Wellstead, Tamsin Williams

The Mass: Laura Bettinson, Nic Blair, Sue Bowes, Stephen Bradley, Danny Brunton, Allistur Cranston, Andrew Deak, Seamus Ellis, Katie Fenwick, Jane fox, Patrik Germann, Stewart Glaspole, Saskia Harden, Geoff Harris, Mark Harris, Abby Hone, Rob Jarrett, Paul Jarvis, Angela Joyce, All Leflohic, Maria Marzaioli, Danil Mazlov, Paula Mcenaney, Claire Poley, Alex Putnam, Dan Shelton, Jane Skillington, Dan Skinner, Kim Turner, Amy Turton, Angela Unsworth, Elizabeth Wakefield, Victoria Wakefield, Andy Ward, Karen White


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