Strictly Cycling

5 performers dressed in yellow cycling rain capes, yellow helmets and yellow goggles, strike a pose with 2 bikesAn improvisational, visual performance & ‘cycle-about’ choreography inspired by flash mobs, dada-ism, every day cycling experiences & the great British weather.

Five to ten performers in bright yellow cycle or wheel their bikes.  They take over the streets creating epic human/bike sculptures; parking their bikes in the hands of passers-by & battling in slo-motion races, celebrating cycling, life & yellowness.

Strictly Cycling is part choreographed and part improvised to play in close contact with audiences, interacting with them & any features around performance locations.  It is a roving performance interspersed with short, static vignettes, so can be seen by large numbers, move around a performance space, or between sites.

5 performers lie across the road with their heads resting on the saddles of their bikes, which are laid on the groundClick here for a short promo film Link to further information on workshop participation



The show is high impact, with visually striking costumes and a mobile soundscape.  It’s exciting, comic, self-contained and able to go anywhere – from shopping centres and High Street, to parks and rural locations – and,  waterproof as well!

5 bicycles are lined up, some the right way up & others upside down. In the background, yellow dressed performers try to mimic the bike positions


2015 Plans – Strictly Night Cycling, a night-time version commissioned by The Birmingham Weekender.  Read more…

2014 developments:  a new, Flash Mob Workshop; a Tandem Workshop & Strictly in Pink. Click links for further info.

Choreographed by Janine Fletcher.  Performers include:  Sophie Arstall, Nick Cowell, Ben Driscoll, Kate Evans, Zoe Georgallis, Saskia Marland, Typhaine Delaup, Judith Mandell, Michael Kitchin, Michael Warne & Eve Stainton.

A performer balances on one leg with the other stretched out behind horizontal to her body.  Her arms are stretched to the side, and an audience member holds her by the shoulders.  Next to them, the image is mirrored by another audience member holding the performer's bike © Raysto ImagesA performer straddling a bike, raises an arm after winning a bike 'race.'  Other performers look on in despair, but an audience gathered around laugh © Raysto Images
Yellow clad performers line up, bent slightly forward with their arms out, as if they were riding their bikes © Raysto Images

Performer, wearing a yellow helmet, goggles & rain mac, stares into the camera IMG_5390 copy




“Strictly Cycling bought a yellow dash of cycling panache to our event… full of energy and mayhem, with a sprinkling of dancing mischief. Everyone loved it!”
Helen Helmstock, Director Marketing & Communications, Greater Nottingham.









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