Inside Strictly Cycling

A group of approximately 10 people stand in a circle, waving their arms in the air, from side to sideA curving line of workshop participants lie on the floor relaxing, with their heads resting on the saddles of their laid down bikesParticipatory Workshops for up to 15 people & their bikes


Inside  Strictly Cycling is a two hour workshop which will normally run alongside performances by the company, offering flash mob, performance opportunities afterwards.

Participants will learn a few basic moves and some simple choreographic structures which are used in the show.  They will also learn how to create their own moves and short sequences, basic clowning/character, and how to work as part of a team.


Inside Strictly Cycling will transform the way people think about their bikes, cycling, dance & movement.


Seven tandems & their riders line up in costume before Bristol's Carnivelo 2014



For Tandems, visually impaired people & front riders
Inside Strictly Cycling is also accessible to VIPs & front riders on tandems.  Emphasis is on developing communication between riders to synchronise movement on each tandem & between tandems.  This element of Strictly Cycling builds on our work developing the Everyday Hero show.


Please get in touch for further info: contact  IMG_5150 coppy


Workshops co-commissioned by Edinburgh Cycling Festival and Bristol Cycling Festival

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