Strictly Night Cycling

five performers in yellow capes, goggles & helmets which are lit up, pose behind a bike wheel
A night-time version of Strictly Cycling, with yellow cycling capes glowing like belisha beacons, wheels, fingers & toes ablaze.  An entertaining street show, combined with a light-hearted, road safety, message to ‘light up & be seen on bikes after dark.

Strictly Night Cycling is commissioned by The Birmingham Weekender & premiered in Birmingham on 25 & 26 September 2015.

Click here for a short promo film

Strictly Cycling is an improvisational, visual performance & ‘cycle-about’ choreography inspired by flash mobs, dada-ism, everyday cycling experiences & the great British weather.  Read more…

Three glowingly yellow clad performers stand astride their bikes & race towards the finish line held by two audience members, crowds look on Glowing performer in yellow cape, goggles, with lights on top of helmet, bends down to thank a small boy for participating in the show Yellow glowing performing miming being on a bike is halted by the hand from another held in front of their face yellow glowing performers form a line bending over their bikes Five glowing yellow clad cyclists line up on their bikes





Commissioned by:
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