Blazing Saddles – Participatory Show

A visually stunning & joyful, outdoor contemporary dance, cycle-about celebrating women & cycling & fashion; a wry look at pink evolving cultural taboos, modern women & bikes, which builds in a series of sequences.

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The show is part choreographed, part improvised, & structured to facilitate local participation.

Choreographic sequences use humour & movement derived from the costumes, issues & ideas around women cycling through history to the present day.

The performance is highly flexible in a wide variety of spaces.  It can move around one location, or take place across a number of sites with short, bike rides in between.



The original show was designed across seven sites along a 7km route around Dulwich Village, to encourage & support women to ride on the roads.  This offered options for riding the entire route or short distances between local sites of interest, a sociable & relaxed pace, & a picnic.




Short film:  What People Said…







The Bicycle Ballet Co is looking for partners to develop the Blazing Saddles concept further, to engage a wider range of potential participants & audiences.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if this is of interest to you –


Choreographed by Janine Fletcher.  Additional direction by Flick Ferdinando.  Costume design Holly Murray.  Sound design, Oliver Aylmer.  Photos by Raysto Images.

Created & produced by KP Projects CIC


Commissioned by

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