Blazing Saddles – Participatory Show

A unique, visually stunning & joyful outdoor arts performance celebrating women & cycling & fashion.

Performed by up to 20 local women alongside the cast, the show takes  a wry look at pink, evolving cultural taboos, & cycling’s promise of freedom for modern women.

The show is part choreographed & part improvised, structured to facilitate participation.  It can be created during a series of workshop/rehearsals over a minimum of two consecutive days, or in a more bespoke model over a longer period.

Link to further information on workshop participationClick here for a short promo film

It is highly flexible & can be performed in a wide variety of spaces, either moving around a location or across a number of sites along a 6-7km route, with a supported bicycle ride in between.

The ride is designed to encourage & support people to ride on the roads, at a relaxed & sociable pace, with a picnic en route.  Audiences can ride along or meet the show at locations along the way.






Short film:  What People Said…


Original choreography by Janine Fletcher, further development by Kate Evans & the Cast, including Typhaine Delaup, Eleni Papaoianna & Jo Dyer.   Costume design Holly Murray.  Sound design, Oliver Aylmer.  Images by Raysto Images.  With thanks to Sheila Hanlon

Created & produced by KP Projects CIC


Commissioned by

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