The Cilia Dance

The Cilia Dance is a movement piece created & performed by local people. It’s a conversation using the language of movement, instead of words, to explore how we travel around the city. A playful, fun, collaborative & empathic exchange, to dance in each other’s shoes.

Inspired by Covid & the climate emergency, transport & air pollution, & Cilia, microscopic, hair-like structures on the body’s cells, especially lining the respiratory tract & lungs.  They’re primordial & rhythmic, moving to keep airways clear; allowing us to breath easily without irritation. 

Performers move in lines & clusters, dancing looped sequences that describe, epitomise & reflect how they move around the city: scooting, skating, walking, running, cycling, driving, riding….  Sharing, exchanging, re-creating & re-forming sequences, moving along a route through Valley Gardens; the lungs of the city & meeting point of routes through the city centre.

The Cilia Dance Creative Team includes: Performers, YOU; Choreographer Ella Fleetwood, mentored by Virginia Farman; Sound Design Barry Han with tracks from Tru Thoughts record label; led by Artistic Director, Karen Poley.  Commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council

Brighton Car Free Day 2021

Get Involved in the pilot Cilia Dance, Brighton Car Free Day 2021

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